7 Layer OSI

OSI is a protocol which is used by international networking standard. This protocol is more reliable than TCP/IP. But if learn the theory it's more complicated. 7 layer OSI could be known as "Please Do Not Throw Sausage Pizza Away" or " All People Seems To Need Data Process". It's easy to remind right? Now, i'll give you some explanation and it's function. Check this!

Applicationas interface application within network functionality and manage how could the application access the network then makes error messageNNTP, SIP, DHCP, FTP, Gopher, HTTP, NFS, SNMP, Telnet, POP3
Presentationtranslating, data encryption, and data compressASCII, Midi, MPEG
SessionDefine how the connection established, running or disconnectedSQL, x-Window, ZIP, NetBIOS, ASP, RPC, NFS
Transportdo arrangement, divided big data into small packet and authorize connection from several networkTCP, SPx, UDP, IPx
Networkroute the data from source to destination through transmission exact LAN MAN WANIPx, IP, ICMP, ARP, RARP, IGRP,BGP, OSPK
Data Linkthe bridge between network media and protocol layer. authorize the last binary data packet which is derived from highest level into a discrite packet before going to physical layer802.3 [ethernet], 802.11 a/b/g/n, Mac, FDDI, Frame relay, SDLC, PPP, Token ring
Physicaldefine communication media, voltage, flexible so that it can integrate several different network and physical media RS 232, 10 Base T, 100 Base Tx, DSL