IU also reappear in Dream High 2

It looks like ’Pilsook‘ is back for a brief moment in the sequel to popular TV series, ‘Dream High‘!

‘Hyesung‘ (Kang Sora) visits the broadcasting station to visit idol group Eden, but ends up being disappointed as the concert falls apart due to laws limiting late-night shows. While she bumbles along, Hyesung accidentally bumps into Pilsook (IU), and requests an autograph.

According to producers, the cameo really was an accidental meeting. After hearing that the ‘Dream High 2‘ staff was filming nearby, IU decided to check in and readily accepted a quick role on the spot.

Reportedly, IU plans to make another official appearance at the next opportunity.

IU’s surprise cameo will be seen in the pilot broadcast of ‘Dream High 2′ on January 30th!

Source : Allkpop