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As student we have to achieve the best result in our majoring study. But we sometimes moreover usually waste paper, ink and energy. It's because our task is too much. While, our earth is need to be refreshed by save energy and save from global warming. And now, how to keep our earth green and saved from Global Warming?

This is several ways for student to join earth first aid:
  1. Use Flash drive
    This way help prevent wasting paper. Which is paper is made from pulp. The pulp is created by trees. By using flash drive we join to save this earth within save the trees to reduce emission and global warming. Using flash drive is also efficient and effective. It fast, instant and stable. Related Post e-learning save earth

  2. Don't let your computer or notebook in stand by / hibernate position
    It will waste your computer/notebook energy. If you want to go for a long time, better to turn it off. And if you go just for a while, set up your computer to turn the LCD off. It helps to save energy which is wasted.

  3. Use Messenger or Teleconference to do work group
    Than have an appointment to come together in a cafe or your friend's home, which wasting fossil fuel. It's better to use messenger like skype. Even it use electricity it doesn't produce too much emission like we do when we use car or motorcycle to go to appointment places.

  4. Bicycling is better
    Reduce using fueled transportation. Bicycling everywhere is okay. In addition, this could make us more healthy.

  5. Bring your own tumbler wherever whenever
    Reduce using plastic bottle which easy disposed but hard to be apart. Bring your own tumbler is solution. We can reduce the use of plastic and keep our earth still green and cool.

  6. Use electricity energy if really need
    If you don't want to listen to the music, turn off your radio and tape. If you don't want to watch TV, turn it off. Leave room with the lamp condition is off. It's reduce use wasted electricity. We can live on this earth for longer time later.

  7. Use study lamp when you study at home
    Focused your study by using study lamp. It just need a little energy.


  1. It does really work to save our earth

  2. i think if everybody apply those things this earth will be last longer. :a:


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