Suzy in Dork Side

miss A‘s Suzy has attracted attention with her ‘dorky disguise’.

On January 27th, the idol tweeted, “Im in Macau – kyakya~“. She then attached a self-taken photo to the message, surprising fans with a look they’ve never seen on Suzy before.

The young idol is often seen in mini-dresses and fashionable pieces for miss A’s events, but in this photo, Suzy rocked a more relaxed look. Wearing trendy glasses that take up half her face (and the selca), Suzy completes the youthful style with a wool cap, headphones, and a studded jacket.

Fans commented, “A dork, but still very beautiful“, “Why are you so perfect?”, and “Even without making an effort, you still look like a model…”

Source + Image: Suzy’s Twitter