Maybe this is the end of us. The real end.
Maybe today is the last time I see you.
Maybe today is the last time I hear your voice, see your smile
Maybe today is the last time you pick me up.
We started our journey in middle 2010. We're falling in love into each other. We're united by love. In the end of World Cup 2010, We decided to go together. But, 2012 we broke that.
We broke our promises, we forget about our dreams, and we decided to go away from our past.

I never meant to leave you. You know, till the last time I send you message, I still love you. I don't leave you, I'm here, I'm watching you.

But, you don't give me a choice. I have to leave you.
You just broke my heart. Really made it broken. I don't have any space left to remember you or the time we've passed.
Sorry, maybe you are not the best for me.
And as you say, You'll never meet or know me again.


  1. padal dia orang yang aling kita sayang, tapi dia juga yang paling jahat bagi kita :)

    1. karena terkadang kita juga jahat sih sama dia :D *aku khususnya*

  2. adal dia orang yang paling kita sayang, tapi diajuga yang aling jahat sama kita :)


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