I'm on a holiday after final test exam, I got three weeks holiday and I thought this holiday will be the same as usual. Nothing special. But, My Dad gave us a surprise with asked us to go to Jogjakarta. Having quality time with family, My Mom, Me and My siblings. And because my siblings are also in holiday and the period is exactly on new year so we go there for about three days. I said, that was fun holiday even I don't really like hedonism that my Dad did.
So, I'd like to share some of our photograph taken there.

Finally arrive on Tugu Railway Station
Old Building of BNI

Morning Malioboro

Destination 1 : Borobudur!

What a Crowded Destination

Family Photograph on Borobudur Temple

I love this One
Destination 2 :Merapi Mountain

Destination 3 : Culinary
Gudeg Bu Widodo - Wijilan
Wijilan is the Gudeg central culinary of Gudeg. One of the restaurant which serves delicious Gudeg is Bu Widodo's. Trust me, you won't be disappointed when you try to eat here.