National Exam Will be the Requirement to Enter University?

I heard a good news about entering University. And this news help me to reach my dream. I wish this decision is finally applied. Yeay!

National Exam Will be the Requirement to Enter University?

I as the one who fail in last year SNMPTN (University Entering Exam) when heard this news become happy soon. It means, I will not study harder like last year. Because I just vocational student who couldn't do University examination well. Here explain that our education ministry absolutely wants to applied his decision this year. Some of University Chief against this petition because they thought between National Exam and University Exam is different essentially. But, don't they think how suffer for student to study twice? First for National Exam and Second for University Exam. Indeed, this decision is worthy for high school student, include me. We as high school graduate don't have to study twice and could join in great University easily. But, I wonder what is the disadvantage for University?

These are some reason to support this petition. It save much funds which is used for University Exam implementation. It is more efficient and effective. But, again some people from University practitioner thought that National Exam is not credible enough. They said National Exam is fulled of cheating. They equivocate that the high school graduate are not honest enough to enter University using National Exam's result. In my opinion, this just same. We as student legal all way to reach what we want, in this case examination. Not just national exam, in university exam we can cheat and then join those University. So if the University practitioner give us reason like that, it's not logic. Because cheating could do anywhere everywhere. If they say so, I can say "We also supervise University Exam's credibility too".

Or they just say like that in order They still can robe student's parents money with put high entering fees? Who knows?

For me who just a student, I'm happy knows this news. And I really wish this petition can be applied soon. Link I really wish this news it's not just a


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