National Exam or University Exam?

Again, after all problem and controversy about National Exam which will be used to enter university, I got new information stated that NOT ONLY use national exam score BUT ALSO use Academic Potential Test to enter university. So, it's clear that both SNMPTN and UN still used as the requirement to enter university.
JAKARTA, - Head of National Standardization Agency of Education Ministry of Education and Culture Teuku Ramli Zakaria disclose the reasons why the national level high school test scores entered into one of the determinants for entry into public universities.

He said the step was taken with the three basic reasons, namely practical, economical, and to eliminate irregularities in the selection into public universities (PTN). He said the selection into the state university would be more practical to use the national examination (UN) as one of the determining. Later, he said, in a national selection enter PTN (SNMPTN) will only be a test of academic potential (TPA) and there will be no more test subjects.

"Surely a more practical," Ramli said when met, Monday (02/01/2012), the Secretariat of the National Standardization Agency of Education, Building Dikdasmen, Cipete, Jakarta.

He continued, these policies are very economical and close the loopholes of corruption because the public no longer need to set up a test device for normal subjects tested in SNMPTN. If you usually within SNMPTN charged hundreds of thousands of people to test subjects, with this policy the public only need to prepare a one-time fee for the exam landfill, which is about Rp 25,000.

Ramli added, since planned, this policy is intended to ease the burden on society in terms of financing, in addition to more practical and complicates the practice of diversion.

"If the UN will determine selection into the PTN, certainly can prevent collusive practices, prevent the existence of 'deposit', and letters of recommendation.

Nevertheless, he said, all will be done with the support of a credible implementation of the UN. If the credibility of the UN has been recognized, its weight will put a percentage in SNMPTN. "If until now have not been willing to state universities, it's because the UN has not been credible," he explained.

As reported, a few days ago the Minister of Education and Culture Mohammad Nuh sure if the UN high level this year will be one of the determinants of selection into the PTN. Even so, until the news was revealed, Kemdikbud can not disclose the value of UN in the formulation of selection into the PTN.

So SNMPTN is still has credibility because it doesn't use ONLY National EXAM Score out of hand. The Ministry consider to make an easy way which can be reach by all students in Indonesia. Not Just give profit to those who school at Public Senior High School but also Vocational High School.

If we said that Minister is dumb or stupid because of decision, take a look of STAN's Entering Exam. STAN used both of National Exam Score and Academic Potential Test. So, the minister of financial is dumb too? While, we interested more to enter STAN than Just State University.

I think, it's alright along national exam and SNMPTN use together as well. So why do you mock at Minister's new regulation?