Miss A as Cameo on Dream High 2

from AllKpop

miss A has revealed that they will be making a cameo appearance in KBS‘s ‘Dream High 2‘!
The girls will be starring as themselves, a popular idol group, that visits Girin Arts High School to support the super idol’s stage. Suzy especially has been busy with promotions for her new movie on top of miss A’s activities, so her act of loyalty to the drama’s staff and stars is one that fans will surely be looking forward to.
There are only two episodes left to the hit series, so be sure to stay tuned for miss A’s appearance on March 19th!
Source + Photos: Donga via Naver

It seems Suzy was never known as Go Hye Mi again. She will be starred as herself, Suzy Miss A. And it's rather strange because between Dream High and Dream High 2 there's no correlation. No more story about Hye Mi or Sam Dong. I think It will little boring. Remember at the first episode told that Sam Dong filming kiss scene with Ryan (T- Ara's Jiyeon). But, as the fans we just watch and give comment at last.