Rockin' Feminime : Grab This Look!

I just try to apply some sabrina collar with mini denim skirt plus ankle boot platform. And yeah here we go with some picture of them. I called this as rocking feminime gals. Half rock half girly and no much effort. Less is more Baby!
Rocking Feminime
Ah yes! I make my do-it-yourself headband. It was made from old newspaper. You just stick it with selotipe anywhere you want and roll it till you get headband look. Voila!

Do-it-Yourself Headband ala creme
Super Tee Smiley Shirt ; My Mom's denim miniskirt ; Garvino Ankle Boot Platform
Garvino Ankle Boot Platform <3 <3 <3

Don't you want to know the price to grab those look?
  1. Super Tee Smiley Shirt with some modification : IDR 15.000
  2. Garvino Ankle Boot Platform : IDR 135.000
  3. My Mom's Blue Denim Miniskirt : Free
  4. Do-it-yourself headband : Free


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  2. Replies
    1. Jare mas fajar koyok Jesus dalam versi cewek :D
      tapi lek teko adoh lak gak keliatan lek iku koran


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