i don't know why.
i miss you so much.
i miss your joke about me
i miss when you angry with me
i miss your lovely word
i miss you when i hear that song
i miss my past
i want become together with you again
i want your carity
i want your joke
i want your angry
and i miss the condition which unite us
those made me regret about what i behave to you
made me regret that i've neglected your love
made me regret that i always don't understand your feelings about me.
made me regret that i never recognize you when you say that you're sure to love me.
i don't know why i cry about that
i don't know why i mind those things every night
i don't know why i hope we can be together like past.
but i still have no love for you
i don't have any special feelings about you.
but i carei care when i miss you.
when can we share our mind together again?
when can i ask for your help again?
is that so you hate me?
is that so you don't care me?
if you know what happened to me.
i'll ask for apologize at you.
and hope that you'll forgive me.
one word againi miss you.
do you feel the same?