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Don’t you run run run. It’s already been very hard. Walking now is okay.” — Day6, Marathon.
If you ask me what was the most relatable thing that I’m currently experience is Day6’s song titled Marathon. Especially when Park Sungjin, Day6 leader, stated a precious quote from recent interview. He said, “Life is already been hard, it’s okay to take it slow. Don’t rush it.” Perhaps that was the most suitable quote for my condition and encouraged me so much.
Being an ambitious person is hard. I’ve been living by feeding my ambitions for more than two decades. Positively, my ambitions and the strong spirit to pursue it finally take me to my current place. A comfortable place, shaping who I am today. However, if I tracked back to when I used to have explosive desire to be the best and see everyone as competitors, I couldn’t imagine how hard I’ve tried. And how exhausting the process I’ve been through these years.
I started to find peace when I finally reach my peak ambitions: studying abroa…

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