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About Jae of DAY6

Probably it's just a birthday letter for Park Jaehyung aka Jae of DAY6 aka eaJ Park. So, happy birthday Jae! Now you turn into 29 years old. And my first and foremost prayer for you is to be happy. Happy with whatever you're doing now or later. This post is going to be a bit more personal because I can't see you as a celebrity anymore. Instead, I have seen you as a human being. You may have tasted fame and being worshipped by a lot of people around the world. But you have shown me your vulnerable and childish side as well. Though I also don't know you that much. You barely seen anywhere since you took a hiatus because of your mental health problem. And you also close your Twitch for a while. You who used to interact a lot with fans is now drawing boundaries. You couldn't care less about people will still like you or not like you anymore. You just go on your own way. Probably you realised this after years going on as a Kpop star. Life lesson is hard, eh Jae? And now

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