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It's Not Just About Happiness

It's been almost six months since I started working and it's time to officially become an office worker. Why do I say so? Because, I technically have passed the probation period, internship period, as well as pre-job assignment period. For some people, the process might take quite long time. However, from the perspective of my seniors, this process is actually shorter. Therefore, it depends on which perspective you use to see my circumstances. If you ask me how did I feel? At some point I do feel good, but somehow I felt like I'm trapped for certain years.
I would say that I am assigned in a good team. Because the team I belong to fulfils my expectation, they cut short the wishy-washy, focused on their job, make the most efficient and effective time, on the top of it all: they are all young and smart. Surely, I will be able to take advantage of it. To learn quicker and deeper. On the other hand, this team requires me to work harder then I do feel small, sometimes I ask my…

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