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The Singaporean Roller Coaster Trip

After almost two years being quiet and not posting anything related to travelling, I am now back again with another interesting, stupid, yet funny stories. As you all the readers of this blog understand, I had been going here and there with stupid stories. I thought travelling together with friends will help me pass through that phase, but I've never been so wrong in my whole life LOL. Turned out, having travel companion doesn't prevent me in getting involved in such a dire, funny, and strikingly foolish actions. This year Singapore trip proves that. I deeply understand that I usually missed a lot of things when travelling, so since I am back to Indonesia I'll always feeling anxious before departing to somewhere else, be it business trip or just simply back home. Therefore, when I was informed we were going to Singapore this August I prepared myself better than anybody else, including how I became so prepared for my Korea trip later by the end of this month. I kept double c

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