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Playing with Psychology in Saving #Hari2Jenius

Financial management is quite a hard work for some people, especially for those who are not used to manage their funds in earlier age. When I was a student, I was quite good at managing my pocket money. Therefore, I was able to buy stationeries, comic books, and my own necessities without even asking more money from my parents. I was aware about saving and financial management at the early  age. However, as a grow up I couldn't handle my financial condition very well. I managed to save some money but I didn't invest. At some other time, I lost control in managing expenses which make me somehow getting skint later day.
I was struggling in finding the right way to manage my expenses and income. Fortunately my friend introduced me to Monzo when I was in UK. This challenger bank provides a budgeting feature which at least helping me in managing money. Although, the budgeting feature will be more helpful if it's completed with alert or notification if I started to get over bud…

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