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INTP | LPDP Awardee 2016 (PK-85) | Research Associate Advislab | Portfolio Analyst PT. Telkom Indonesia

"I want to travel the world and try every single food they have, experience the culture, and be useful for other people."

This blog has been established since 2009, the author wrote since she was a vocational high school student. The blog itself mainly talked about anything. It was talking about movie reviews, book reviews, to Korean album reviews. Sometimes when the author feel too occupied with deep thoughts, she would write it down in this blog too. So, feel free to visit any section that you would find it interesting.

The original goals for this blog and always become its purpose is: to give you informations. In the era of video contents nowadays, you might find it boring to just reading random person's post on the internet. Worry not, somehow you will find particular informations you can't find based on video keywords here such as: how to get scholarship in details, or how to apply for an UK university, or even how to pass job interviews.

Basically, anything that has happened to the author since 2009 has recorded here. This blog, more or less, is the reflection and the reminder of the author. You will see her naked and being who she is here. Worry not, you won't find the author in real life anyway. Speaking of the author, the name is Agista Saraswati but famously known as Agista Jung. She managed few social media accounts such as twitter which she doesn't really keen of disclosing it. But you can find her on Instagram @agistajung or Youtube channel: Agista Saraswati. She also established podcasts channel where she would update the content when she has the time: The INTX and Jung's Secret Room.

Want to know more about her? Just read the blog or find out her piece of work below:


P.S: She's an introvert and quite cautious to a stranger, so be nice to her. In case you're wondering what she likes to listen, here is one of her favourite playlist:


  1. Assalamualaikum mbk Agista, udah lama ndak dengar kabar mbak, bagaimana mbak akhirnya? akan jadi diteruskan atau ndak LPDP'nya?


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