e-learning is a new solution from environment Point of View

So far, we know that our general teaching learning program we use in this recent times always use book to support teaching learning process. every students have a bok, whatever it's apractice book or it's as textbook or hand out. Not only the students, but also the teachers need a practice book to support them when they explain the lesson in front of the class. We're sure that we need book in general teaching learning process. Do you know how many paper is needed to print a book? Whereas, all students and all teacher has their own book. So, how many exemplar of book was printed every year? every day? every month? We absolutely know that paper made from trees. Maple trees, Pine trees, etc. Now, let's calculate. How many trees were cut to make a lots of book? Meanwhile, our need in paper become increase next time.

Because of that with e-learning, we get a little help. It brings a new solution to safe the trees. E-learning doesn't need a book or paper in its access. The students and the teachers only sit in front of their computer. We don't need to cut the trees just to make a text book, practice book and some kind of that.  The students do their examination online, read the lesson online, and note it in their notepad. Directly, e-learning is a new solution in teaching learning process which is not waste paper too much.