Good Leader Good Work

Hell-O' =D

I just want to share something. And it was really happened in my life.
Nowadays, I just quit from my campus organization and we usually called it 'Forum'.
I have a position there, be a Vice Chief or Vice Headquarter I call that. And absolutely, an organization need a leader to lead and unite our vision together then apply the vision into such a worth and valuable event.

The problem here, is my leader.
He never join in any organization before, so I understand his situation for a little bit.
But, day by day passed when fell in love with our teammates, he turn to be inconsistent guy. He is drove by his girlfriend and obey whatever his girl shout to him.

Before we started this organization, i swore to myself that I'd like to share my knowledge about leadership in some organization. But now, I decided to just let him go with his own mind. I realize and I confess, I'm idealistic. I can't pretend to be a stupid girl right on the organization.

Thus, I just wanna share to you.
Be a good leader is be a wise human. Making some decision is really depend on majority votes.
everybody knows that! But this definitely doesn't happen to him
Be a good leader is Not just show off emotion to us, as his partner.
Be a good leader is Not talking someone behind
Be a good leader is connected and unite the distinguish between member.

Don't be a leader like him!