Keep Good Mood

Mood is the hardest thing that we can manage. Sometimes is up and sometimes down. Keeping good mood all day is surely hard thing, but it’s not impossible . If you want to know far, check my post out!

06.00 – 10.00

The morning mood determine our all day long. So, it’s very important for us to build good mood in morning. Our fresh condition after wake up, make easier to build better mood. Besides that, we can rise Good mood with such things below :
it’s great and amazing if set up that favorite song as our alarm. So that, our mood become better and better as soon as we open our eyes.
Our body needs time to balanced after wake up. Open your eyes and move your body slowly. If we usually wake up and soon step up from bed, we can be easier to get tired, get headache, and our mood will become bad soon.
Green veggies, fat, carbohydrate, protein, and Omega 3 which we can get them on eggs and fishes can make our mood become up. Because, these essences help us not to be temperament.

10.00 – 14.00

This period it the most active time for us and we need much calories and energy.
• Drink water
Every part of our bodies are mostly needs water. And brain is 70% contains water. Dehydration or lack of liquid can make us tired and don’t want to do anything. So, drink water in every activity can help us keep our good mood.
• Smile and Laugh
These things detach endorphin essence which can make us happy. Joking with friends or read some fun books and comics is enough to make our day funnier.
• Help Others
Help someone can make we felt praised and valuable. This things keep our mood good.

14.00 – 18.00

We usually out of energy in this time. So, we should careful to keep our mood. A little annoyed thing can broke our mood directly.
• Play With Your Hobbies
Watching TV, playing basketball, reading a book, or whatever that along we do it happy we can always in a good mood.
• Walking Around
It can make us relax. Some sports like jogging is better and will make better.
• Take a Bath
Get any freshness with take a bath is the same with recharge our mind and body. So, we’ll be happier.

18.00 – 24.00

It’s delightful and important to still keep up smile and happy in this period.
• Telling Stories
Blogging, chatting, texting can be an option you tell your time you’ve passed today. It has benefit to correct what kind of thing you did and make some reparation on your behavior.
• Enough Sleep
A little bit we don’t get enough sleep can make us bad tempered. So, go to bed soon if you begin tired. It helps you be fresh next day.


  1. nice inpoh gan :b:

  2. makasih gan buat jempolnya :p:
    sekedar sharing aja kok :m:

  3. nice tips dah, tapi keliatannya tuh jadwal2 gak bakal bisa dilakukan teratur oleh mahasiswa :j:

  4. tapi aq kenapa ya kalo mandi sore kenapa jadi ngantuk banget y?????

  5. @Brantas jadwal pagi kan masih bisa dilakukan :o:

  6. @ivan deritamu berarti wkwkwkwkwkwk :d: :l:

  7. @ivan pas kuliah gak ngantuk i :d:

  8. aah bener banget tapi jdwalku ga teratur skrg :j:

  9. maklum mahasiswa say :n:
    yang penting bangun tidur dan tidurnya teratur :o:


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