Learning from Shaun The Sheep

Everybody knows this cartoon. A funny sheep and a smart sheep. This shows amusing us also directly teach us some life value. And for spending my time, I'd share to you some learning from this cartoon. Have enjoy readers!

  1. Good Leader

    Shaun is a leader for his sheepfold. He always be the 'brain' for each pranks or each activities which help the farmer or the barn dog. Shaun is a good leader and make right decision. He brave to take a risk and have so much ideas to do. And finally whatever plans he made always ended successfully.

  2. Good Group Work

    The sheepfold always in group work to reach whatever they want. None of them doesn't involve in every Shaun's plan. They keep going together. And They always get what is their goal. This group work can be applied into our real life. And may our hard work make the best result and excite all of us.

  3. Caring other member

    In one episode which tells that the fattest sheep needs sports. Shaun and friends make plans to give that sheep an exercise. It shows that Shaun and friends care to other. In any episodes shows that too. Like when timmy's doll took away by the farmer, Shaun and his friends tried to get back the doll to Timmy. And when the barn dog has toothache, Shaun and friends tried to help the barn dog. Such a good education cartoon!

  4. Smart

    Just Like I've write above. Shaun always has a new idea and newer idea to reach what he wants and what his sheepfold want to. He never lack of idea. It teach us that "In life, we have to make innovation and breakthrough what we have today"

  5. Quick Thinker

    In a sudden situation, Shaun still can make some plans then apply it. So I call it 'Quick Thinker'. Don't we have to be like that? Quick response and Quick Think whenever wherever and whatever kind of situation. But It's not same with hurry. We can be quick thinker but we also have to be intellect too.

  6. Persistence
    Shaun is always persistence and also teach this things into his sheepfold. That's why we always watch that Shaun's plan always success.

  7. Unique

    Shaun is different from other sheep. He is the thinnest sheep we've ever seen right? But Shaun never down with his condition. Moreover, He is the leader from his sheepfold.

So what about you readers? "Knowledge can be found everywhere, so never stop learning"