DAY 31 in a New Place

If the end of August and throughout September was the worst moment to live in. I could finally see the light in October. The background story was my article which criticising about Work From Home practice in my company suddenly came into the light. I wrote the article in March 2021, exactly a year after Working From Home since the COVID-19 pandemic hit us hard. There I criticised how I hate the irresponsible behaviour of my ordinates who don't respect their subordinates time. There I stated that their behaviour may broke the rules that have written by the company itself about working arrangement. There I spoke my mind about how unfair the treatment during Work From Home practice which started to make blur of our working time and leisure time. But things that I initially just speak for myself became a snowball. It became bigger and bigger each day.

First, that showed if this Work From Home practice if it's not being strictly supervised (in terms of working hour) by the company can be utilised as a tool by those bosses (yes, bosses not leaders) to invade the subordinates privacy. Second, it showed that most bosses are tend to overwork their subordinates and that leads to uncomfortable working environment. Third, that an article can hold such power that even a harmless article can be seen as a threat by the company or even seen as a political tool which I don't even know as whom they represent their purpose.

However things are getting better for me since I really got moved to another unit per my request since that article broke in the internet. To think about the process again, actually that was the most exhausting process I got to take initially. Because it's not just the one I want to speak for, but those who actually drained my energy by asking me "What did I exactly mean in that article?" but they don't even bother to help me. In short, they sort of curious but left me to death afterwards. Gladly, after this and that, me and the company (and several key people who helped me) finally reach a conclusion. And that brought me to a new chapter of my life.

The official letter for my new assignment was actually signed before the end of September 2021, It was in 24th or 27th. And I supposed to be moved started in October 1st, 2021. However, I don't know why and this is actually quite triggering for me, I was moved in October 4th, 2021. Three days delay, everyone. From that one, I smell something really fishy going on in my previous unit. Until the last day I work there, they treated me like that?

Contrary to the previous unit, this new unit is so welcoming. And I instantly feel like being at home, not in a hell anymore. So, the leader from the new unit contacted me and he requested to join his team in a formal and smooth manner. First day being transferred was the best moment I've lived last month. It feels like my loads are being pulled away from my shoulder and my body felt so much lighter. This new manager is so friendly and caring. To be honest, in my new unit almost all the senior leaders are caring and friendly. Total different from the previous place I worked before. It doesn't stop there, the new manager explained the circumstances for me to start on boarding to the new unit. And later on in the evening, the VP called me and welcomed me in such a warm manner. 

I've never been that grateful since I work in this company.

I have wanted to say this, this is actually the first time for me to finally work in peace, sincerity, and happiness. Not in a raging, insincere, and angered behaviour. After working in this new place for a month, I understand that "Okay, I just don't fit in my previous assignment." Everything seems misplaced and I couldn't work as I wanted to be. Total different with the place I'm currently on now. The leaders are listening and we are having two way conversations. So we really learn from each other. The leaders also give us chances to work better. Another senior who transferred there before me also agree that working in this new place made us more productive. Why? Because we have the freedom to pour out all our creativity and there's no judgment. We don't have to totally follow what the leaders say, they give us spaces to think, explore, and contribute in our way as long as it is aligned with their direction. See how much things we can add, modify, and improve if we were given freedom? That's what happened in my new unit.

Working is no longer like hell. Everyone also respect the other's time and privacy. There's no leisure time invasion unless it's really important. And each meeting has a clear outcome, it works two ways, everything just work efficiently. It just mean that there's still hope in this company with this style of leadership. Though, I have to admit the bad style leadership maybe exist in more place than the good leadership my VP and AVPs has set in this new place.

And thank you for the key people that have helped me move into better environment. Though I really hope most people should make my current leaders as the example for comfortable working environment not just for me but for everyone who works in this company.