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Early Year Recap

It's been a long time (again) since I last wrote in this blog. I planned to make a kaleidoscope as I used to do or make a new year resolution post. But I cancelled it all. First, 2020 flew like a lightning so I didn't get to make memories? And there's nothing I can tell you unless I lived my life to the fullest for the first quarter of the year then here we are, 2021. Then I would like to make a new year resolution, but when I think about it again I just need to do things I gotta do like former year: finishing unfinished resolution. So, here we are with early year recap post which mean nothing but a rant lol. It's still early 2021 but I wanted to rant? lol Actually I also wanted to deliver some good news that maybe if I read this post later, I will be more grateful for the achievement or goals that I have set and done. Hopefully, fingers crossed. First thing first, let's pour out the negativity on this paragraph then we move on to positive vibes. As usual, early yea

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