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"Halo, apa kabar?"
I think that's the words I want to hear (receive) the most. Because I feel lonely and nobody really ask "How are you?". Nor anyone asks me whether I'm doing fine. I might sound exaggerating in this post, I do have a lot of friends but nobody seems care. Even my parents.
I was diagnosed with mild depression last year, literally the end of the year. It was mild because I know something is wrong in my head and I decided to see the doctor before it got out of control. I talked to the doctor, trying to find out why did I get the depression from? There were a lot of factors. First, I started to realise that my job is pretty demanding. I believe that I will be able to handle it but not today, not this years, I need to learn more. As if everyone is running and I need to run twice or even thrice harder to catch up. The good news is I slowly adapt the environment and try my best to do the job as much as I could. I don't want to strive for perf…

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