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Korea Trip 2024: Living the Fangirl Life to the Fullest (1)

a totally long post 2024 might be my year. It’s still April but I had experienced a lot of things and unlocking endless core memories. In this early April for example, I got to secure two Korean idol ticket. The first one is the one and my most awaited concert DAY6’s Welcome to the Show Seoul 2024 which held in 3 days from 12-14th April. Their concert is so close to our Eid celebration back in my home. The other one is EXO 12th anniversary Fanmeeting: ONE which was held in April 14th. And this lucky bastard, happened to go to both idols she worships. I almost gave up in loving DAY6 back then in December because I felt like I never got the chance to meet them. First time I discovered them was when they just finished their concert in Jakarta. When I started to fancy them and happened to secure ticket for their performance of Heads in the Cloud Jakarta, it got cancelled due to COVID-19. When I stayed loyal for them, there were too much things happening. Started from member hiatus, Sungjin

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