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Life Lately

It's been halfway of 2024 and a lot of things happened in my life. Recently, I am focusing on my fangirling life since it's the only thing that gives me happiness and strength to keep going. My world is now heavily gravitates towards DAY6 again after a long time waiting. I have been waiting 4 years to finally witness them with my own eyes and experience the joy and energy during their concert. Those basically the utmost core memory unlock I have this year. Aside of focusing too much on my fangirling life which made me spend more money for the merchandise and unnecessary but cute things, I started to think that my life is slowly crumbles. Yes, the opposite of the happiness I put everywhere I go, I did have some serious problems. Started from the way I had to declined PhD Offer this year because of funding. I am also struggling in my professional and social life. Like I've been drifted away too far from how it supposed to be. I have changed course of life which I neither know

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