i'm sorry
i can't be the best for you
it's me.
up to you,
do you want still love me or not.
but you must understand that i'm not perfect as you hope
sorry that i never care 'bout you,
it's because i don't like to show how big my carity to you!
sorry that i never talk to you or interract with you,
it's because i'm not ready yet to face you.
sorry that i never send you romantic words or such that thing,
it's because i lost my words to tell you what i want to express
sorry that i never be a girl you wanted,
it's because i love to be myself and if you're really love you'll accept me whatever iam.
i never say 'LoVE' to you
because it's not the appropiate words to explain what i feel.
this heart is so complicated.
i don't know what she wants and i never understand what her meaning.
so you've known the fact.
and i let you decide.
do you still want me to be yours?