Quotes I have and I get

  • Belajar tanpa berdo'a itu sombong, berdoa' tanpa belajar itu bohong, ilmu tanpa do'a kosong
  • Belajar memaafkan orang lain sesakit apapun itu
  • Think Big if you want to be Big
  • I'm tired to be a Loser
  • Just wanna be the one who can make my parents proud
  • Change your mind if you want, never change yours cause a force
  • never act just like you don't know anything, while you know it worse~
  • never be envy with the haves
  • change the world is start from change yourself
  • Something big was Begun from something small
  • One good things about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain-Bob Marley-
  • Music, a magic beyond all we do here -Albus Dumbledore-
  • I dreamed Painting, and then I paint my dream - Vincent Van Gogh-
  • Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart - William Wordsworth -
  • Fiction, is the truth inside the Lie -Stephen King-