I Love Myself

be grateful then anything will be good,
I believe that be grateful I can pass my life simply and always blessed, do you think so?

in my point of view, grateful started from ourselves. then, you can enjoy every breath you take, every second your heart beating, every time you have and every day you've passed. moreover, you also grateful into Allah's gift. because, our whole life is a miracle. every problem solved well.

and I'm grateful to be like this. Rather high, rather Tan, rather sweet, and brilliant, yes! I'm grateful I have my brilliant ideas and I say 'Alhamdulillah', it's my gift which is given. I'm grateful being different with my strong character.

Then, why don't people around me grateful of me?
I mean, my parents as an example. I love them, I know without them I can't be here and I can't write it down so you can read it. But, why do they always treat me like I was nothing and never make them happy? Again, I'm grateful. They are love me with their own way to force me being Good girl and make them proud. Unfortunately, Allah haven't made my parents proud of me yet. But, I always believe the time is coming.

and secondly, my friends.
It's hard decision for me to throw away my 'Jilbab', all of you don't understand what is my really point. They just know me as Good and straight girl. Contrast, I'm only human. I'm not a perfect person. I just try not being a liar. I just show, this is me! and I'm grateful being me :)


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