Status : In an Open Relationship

As a teenager we ever hear or more we ever in an open relationship condition. We still have relation but we don’t posses each other. We still taken but we fill single. So, what can we do to face it?

Make up or Break up?!

That’s the big question. Is this relation worth? The question depend on you and your boyfriend, sist. To find the answer, try to consider some things below:

1. How does he feel for you? Is he still love you? Or not. While, you still love him. All of us don’t want have any relation which is make one of us sacrifice, do we?

2. And if he still love me, does he have any willing to make up? Because love sometimes just ain’t enough. Don’t be one side!

3. See what the future says. Is it important to make up? Will he change? What will we be if we still with him? It’s important so we can decide our destination with him.

4. Try to ask people around you. Example : your best friend, your parents or everybody knows you and him. Sometimes, their advise is more objective because they can see things passed of us.

5. The more important! Evaluate things could make your relation distantly spaced.

Horayyy!! We’re back into love! :)

We’re still love each other and decide to make up. Some important things we could do :

1. Talk heart to heart. Forget and forgive each mistake and promise to begin new relation well.

2. Refresh relation. Do some fun stuff we used to when we first meet and first date.

3. Be careful with this relation. Never do the same mistake. If you success, then your relation will be stronger :)

Finally, we break up! :(

Never mind girls, your life must go on. There’s a lot of man out there J if you wanna make a new relationship, you better follow this step :

1. Wait until our feeling is totally lost. Whatever that is, love or hate. So we absolutely ready to make new relationship.

2. Make sure our problem and stuff with ex ended and solved well.

3. Make sure, you are really interested in your new boy. Not just rebound.

4. Try to look for a boy who is in the different area with ex.

5. Make our latest relation as experience to be better, stronger, and more mature.


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