Flaming means Nothing

In this sunny morning, I just got a bad incident.
When I opened my Facebook, I read one of my friend statuses and I know it absolutely it meant to me. This incident related into my post before.

Whoaaaa~ soon I got angry and I decided to reply that all.
But, I thought twice. My Love has told me that 'It's unwise if we caught in fire and then did any revenge'.
SO, I just let it go and gave away.
Because of that, I write my anger down into this post.
It's one of my way to reduce my emotion.
And do no flame.
Because I know, Flaming is a part which disturb other user. And make 'em feel uncomfortable.

If I could say what I felt know directly. I'll say.
But, I still couldn't cultivate my emotion. So I avoid things that can make my image be worsened. And also try to drive myself to be better person.

Humb* give away doesn't mean lose the game right?
and I just pretend don't know anything.
Close My eyes, Close my ears, and Close my mouth.

He's nothing than a fool. =D

Keep spirit! =D
cheers =D


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