Foody for Study

When we meet an examination, it feels like want to filled our brain up with the theory which is examined. Unfortunately, our brain doesn't want to compromise so it was so difficult to catch all of the examined lesson. It's because our brain lack of nutrition which is content in these foods and beverages below. So let's check them out!

1. Milk
Every kind of food which contents milk and calcium such as : yogurt and cheese can develop the function of brain's nerve
2. Chocolate
Besides the taste is so delicious, chocolate can help us study. Why? Eating Chocolate can push endorphin hormone which can make our mood become well and more enthusiasm. Not only that, chocolate also can increase our focus and concentration when we're studying.

3. Soya
A food made from soya bean, like Tahu and soya milk also help us when we're studying. It's because soya has benefits to prevent and made slow lost memory and avoid brain breakage.

4. Water
3/4 of our brain's part is WATER. So, it's exactly true water is really important and needed when we're studying. Water keep our brain work well. If our brain got dehydration, our brain's work would be unbalanced.

5. Green Vegetables
Green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, mustard greens and celery can make our study become easier. These veggies can defend something which is memorized in our brain. So, physics formula will not be easy forgettable.

6. Berry's Family
Almost of all kind of berry has function to help someone study. We go in a cases, strawberry as example, content much of ficetyn essence which can develop memory or blueberry which can enlarge "storage" in our memory. So, there's much lesson can be saved in our brain!

7. Tea
If we got tired or exhausted when we're studying, maybe we need to drink a glass of tea. Because tea can help us become more focus and also deduct tiring. Green tea is the most effective tea which can defeat exhausted feelings. In addition, it can make us relax.

8. Fish
Cold watery fishes like salmon, tuna and makarel is the best source of Omega 3 fat acid. The advantages is developed brain, retina and other nerve system. It also proofed can increase energy, long term memory, and our ability to solve problem.

So don't we try one of them?


  1. nice post! this is what i need! :b:
    i loved tea so much, now i know why i almost never felt too exhausted... :o:

  2. ah gee ini info bagus bangeet :n:

  3. @Brantas delighted to post anything usable :p:
    @Annisa wah makasih say :n: bisa diterapkan kapan" :b:


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