I Praise My Self

“Respect other people like we respect our self”,

we ever heard that quote. We usually respect and praise the other but we seldom praise our own self. That’s contrast and we shouldn’t do it for our self. How to praise our self? Let’s check some steps below.

1. Good Appearance

To other: We usually wear right clothes in a right place to attend some important meeting. It helps us to increase our confidence and make us feel secure inside a community. We enjoy with our clothes and then we got some praise from other people. It’s also a kind of praising somebody out there.

To our self: It’s actually the same. Wherever and whenever you go, try to appear well. Be well-groomed is not a sin neither a mistake. We enjoy with our self and always praise our self not to be ‘Bad-marked’ by people out there.

2. Take a Break, please!

To other: We give people time to take a break. Example: we don’t force our close friend to hear our story continuously. And we don’t ask for our helper to work for us continually. We gave them time to enjoy time themselves.

To our self: We’re likely. Our body and mind will become exhausted if we forced them to think, pressed them with full activity, and filled them up with our problem. We need time to relax and refresh our body, soul, and mind.

3. Silent is better

To other: We have to be a kind person for other. We have to keep our speaking. So we seldom or moreover never objurgate or scoffing at them.

To our self: It’s funny if we know the fact that we usually objurgate in our self. Sometimes we’re scoffing at our self. And don’t you realize you usually say ‘Dumb!’, ‘Stupid!’, ‘Fool!’ by yourself to yourself? Stop that habit right now! We have to say some positive words to build positive energy and motivate our self to be better person and do better next time.

4. Be On Time

To other: We always on time if we have some appointment with our lovely people or other people we praised.

To our self: Do the same to you. Be on time to eat or go to school. Be on time to go to bed is one kind that you praise yourself. Remember, with praise yourself, other people will praise you back.

5..Commend myself is okay!

To other: Our friend get good mark, we congratulate them. Our sister has a new dress and it looks good on her, we say “What a beautiful dress you wear dear!”

To our self: It’s normal and it’s important to commend at our self too. If we can do something valuable for someone, we should appreciate that good work. Why not? It motivates us to do something better next day.

6. Forgive and Forget

To other: Get quarreled with somebody is very annoying and disturbing. So we have to forgive them and forget their mistake to us.

To our self: We have to do the same to our self. If we did some carelessness, why we can’t forgive our self? Of course, we won’t get quarreled with our self huh?

7. Give some Gift

To other: Congratulate, give a gift for special people in special moment is a kind of praise what they have done.

To our self: Congratulate our self and give some quality time is one kind to praise our self too. It’s simple, but it works guys.

8. Be a loyal Supporter

To other: We always support our close friend when he/she has some rehearsal or join some competition.

To our self: Do the same to yourself! support yourself and you can be a winner.


  1. Hwa.. nice poating, dear.

    give comment back on my blog ya. ;)

  2. Wah makasih :p:
    just share :n:

  3. :j: it is not as easy as it looked.
    but if we keep on try'in, i believe we can :m:

    nice post!:b:

  4. @Brantas : yup, sometimes talk is easier than practice :o:


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