My Hundred Dreams

Do you ever heard a quotion "Write down your dream and it will be becoming" ?
Yeah, if we ever attend some talk show about succes. Most of all speaker motivate us with "Write all of your dream, so you will never forget, you will remember, and you will do an action to make it come true". I believe that! So i'll share my hundred dreams here.

My Way Become Success and My Resolution for about 5-10 years laters:

  1. Get The Best Title for my Diploma study.
  2. Pass SNMPTN.
  3. Pass STAN Selection Test.
  4. Join FIA UB.
  5. Join STAN.
  6. Become a successful blogger.
  7. Work as radio broadcaster.
  8. I can buy Android phone by my own salary.
  9. I can buy Fixie bicycle by my own money.
  10. Fund my own Undergraduate study.
  11. Still with Echa
  12. Married with Somebody I Love so much
  13. Be a Tax employee.
  14. Life Happily.
  15. Buy a wedges shoes this recent times.
  16. Buy a sweet home for myself
  17. Buy my parents a terrain.
  18. Have my own company
  19. Make my dad's travel developed.
  20. Become a successful entrepreneur.
  21. Have 2 children. Daughter and Boy.
  22. Do midnight pray.
  23. Continue my study in interior design.
  24. Become interior designer's consultant.
  25. Have a broad house's business.
  26. Become property entrepreneur.
  27. Fund my sister's school till she graduate from Colleges.
  28. Be the next big thing.
  29. Still low profile.
  30. Still be my self.
  31. Become more patient.
  32. Become more mature.
  33. Become more intellectual.
  34. Have a good relationship with people around me.
  35. Always remember in Allah.


  1. i'm coming =)
    thx for visiting my blog,,
    nice to visit n read your blog, agis :b:

    what a lot of dream,, n dream will come true with an action! bravo sista,, keep doing action to reach u'r dream one by one, step by step =)

    there's several my own dreams that come true on your list,, in number
    but i have several dreams too on your list that i want to reach more in number

    wihihi byk juga impian yg sama,, dan belum tercapai :D

    *salam satu jiwa utk aremanita =)

  2. thanks for visiting and giving comments bro :b:

    anyway, those i wrote is just general dreams which all person want it :o:
    again, thanks for visiting


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