Never Give Up!

Readers, one of us ever get fail on our way to success. Some of us also ever thought that God is unfair and we depressed on this situation. So how we behave when we're down?
  1. It's a Destiny
    If you've did your best, but nothing you get. Maybe it's your destiny. Remember, Allah save the best and will give something you want so much in the right time, in the right place, and by the right people. Anything will be so pretty at the time. So, keep trying, keep praying and keep believing.

  2. We didn't struggle hard yet
    The problem here is you didn't do your best. Sometimes, we thought I've did my effort with my maximum power. But, uh uh! It hasn't your best yet. Keep trying and introspect yourself. What stuff is the barrier to reach your dream? What is the other plan? And How you could improve your struggle into a maximum limit.

  3. We didn't get closer to God
    Of Course, struggle hard is not enough.Whatever you do, whenever it is. God is always know. And only God determines your life and what is the result of your effort. So after you believing and work hard, remember to always close with your God. Because God makes your way. This life is God's plan.

  4. We think negative
    Whatever you do is your maximum and you've been praying but you still get nothing? Try to remember, it's not just destiny. Everything starts from mind. If you think negative firstly, it's hard for you to make your dream come true. And it's really happen to me. I've been praying and I've been doing my best of the best. But, because I think negative that I can't pass the test, That's real "I CANNOT PASS!". Because we live in world which obey a law of attraction. So if you want anything positive, just think positive. If we took down positive energy, that energy will return with positive reality.

And that's why I say "Life is a Game, we decided, we play, and we won". Our life is our choice and it determines our destiny. Enjoy your own game. And don't forget acting positively and thinking positively too. May Allah always bless you readers :)


  1. I Like that quote "Life is a game, we decided, we play, and we won" :b:


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