Quote of The Year

"Dream, Believe, Make it Happen"
-Agnes Monica-

We often heard Agnes says those words wherever she goes and whenever she is. Those words represent Agnes' way to go International as Her dreams long year ago. What Agnes can do is a proof that the words said from her mouth not just a rubbish. If Agnes Can Do, Why Not Us?

  1. Dream
    Everyone has a dream, a big dream, a simple dream. Everyone has it. Because life is nothing if we don't have any obsession or dream to color our life. And anything starts from a dream. Be popular, Be a superstar, Be a kind person or Be a good mother is a dream. So don't be scared to dream.

  2. Believe
    After you have some dreams, Believe that you can reach it. Determine your target. When I catch my dream? How I reach my dream? What thing can I do to reach that? These question is important to make sure your target will be come true. Still believe in God, God always help you if you do something seriously.

  3. Make it happen
    It's the time for you to make it happen. Do your step patiently and seriously. Always pray, also you should struggle harder. With the power of dream and believing in it. Insya Allah, you get your best after you did your best. For me, to catch our dream in this step is "DREAM, STRUGGLE, and PRAY"-agista rully-. Because there's no result unless you pray and struggle first. Don't forget to spread positive energy with always think positive.