Save Our Soccer

What happen with our football competition in this Country?

There’s Indonesian Primer League and Indonesian Super League. Whose responsibility is it? What happen inside our football federation? What happen with you the Chief of PSSI?

It has been the second happened in our country. Last year, the primary and officially competition is Indonesian Super League, now it’s recognized as illegal competition. This things only happen in Indonesia which is there’s dualism of leadership in one organization. Why is it caused? It’s because the Chief has no build better soccer thought, he just thought about How to make himself richer and richer. Why not? Since our football competition become ‘Indonesian Primer League’ the official organizer handled by PT. LPIS which is belongs to the Chief of PSSI, Djohar Arifin Husin. It’s correctly that he worse than Nurdin Halid by make himself richer with invest on our football competition.

Not only make himself rich, in my point view he has no any knowledge about soccer competition before. He messed up the competition format as he wants. There’s no level division, the lower and the upper level mixed up. Thus, can make the competition no longer interesting and developed.

The worst thing we should know that, inside PSSI there’s disunity between executive committee. How can this nation unite if from the smallest thing like sport we are disunited? As youth generation we have to share our mind for better and fair sports competition.

I hope this problem can be solved well by those people involved. Just defend the last year competition format and make clear level division. Don’t mixed lower and upper level team. Praise the last year of 1st Division winner who struggled hard to join the Super League. Look at English Premier League, the best football competition in whole world. Make this as an example for better competition and develop our football athlete generation skill. Don’t use this organization as a political reason to reach or make rich your own wealthy.

Come on Indonesia! We can Be better!