What is your computer? Male or Female?

Some of us maybe didn't concern with this simple, little thing. But, if we want to explore more we'll find that our computer or laptop also has a gender. Same like a human. And I prove with my own notebook. My notebook is Female. So what about you? It's Easy to figure out your computer's gender

Check this steps below.
  1. Create new text document
  2. Write this script
  3. Save as .vbs file
  4. Then double click on your file you wrote.
  5. Listen to the voice. Is it Male voice or Female voice.


  1. wow, ternyata komputer punya jenis kelamin jg ya? baru tau :)

  2. iyaa gan, komputer agan apa jenis kelaminnya? :d:

  3. :b: kereeennn :a:

  4. wahaha,, baru tau gis. komputer saya cowo!!!
    padahal kalo dia cewe akan saya sayangi sebagaimana mestinya,, hihi

  5. @ cupZ :wah kebetulan banget, komputer ane cewek :D
    tukar yuk :d:


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