Stop SOPA and PIPA

Nowadays we often heard about SOPA and PIPA. Firstly, I’d like to ask you what is SOPA and PIPA mean? SOPA is the acronym of Stop Online Piracy Acts and PIPA is the acronym of Protect IP Acts. This thing is US’ Constitutional Draft which limits us as internet user to browse the internet. This constitution will stop any piracy acts like: video lip-sync, file online sharing, free downloading, or any other kind of express arts, music and file sharing.

Indeed, the constitution doesn’t limit at all. But the impact is for everyone. US parliament was right with their ideas to stop piracy. But, if this constitution officially applied, we as internet user couldn’t take advantage from internet freely. Our activity is limited. Moreover we couldn’t do anything when browsing. We can’t do twittering, facebooking, blogging, or any other kind internet activity. We also don’t have any allowance to share artist photo, movie review, and music review and in addition we can’t share knowledge. That’s why most of all social networking sites, browser, and search engine against this constitution draft.

We learn more and we’ll find. How if our internet freedom is limited? What will happen to search engine like Google and Wikipedia get their profit? What will happen to our favorite social networking site? We couldn’t share information for our relation and friends? We couldn’t share knowledge; we’ll get nothing from internet? So what is the benefit of internet if this constitution applied?

This constitution just like two sides of money side. There’s advantage also disadvantage. The advantage is protected and save the human intellectuality and masterpiece. The disadvantage is limited the freedom to access internet and limit us as user to share knowledge also get important information from the internet.

But, still I disagree if this constitution applied. So, let’s support Mozilla, Google, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, and the most important KASKUS to against this constitution draft.