Woman and her world

A woman should know how to look like a girl, how to act like a lady and how to think like a man. Is that statement will be the women's requirement at this time?

We can't refuse that women physically size became sold capacity which can't be broken. Being a woman means, must be know how to be attractive and how to keep beauty isn't only physically but also mind. Being a woman is predestinated. Defense beauty had already been a soul calling, while being elegant is environmental rule. But, how to think like a man is a challenge for woman.

Emancipation and gender equivalency has campaigned. If the woman still struggle for their equivalent rights to men, how high target they want? Is that true that their function has equivalent? Is that right that their mindset is the same with the man did? It had already stated that biologically, women have different brain structure with men. So they are more superior in verbal.

Man's mindset had been structured and focused well so he can choose important information and can be formed then act due to that consideration. While woman's mindset is more complicated but can be multitasking better than man. From that little elaboration about differences, we can conclude that to understand and follow man's mindset is one difficult thing because woman has to cross from exact way.

That skill is important and whole women can do it now. What men could do, women could do better is a phrase for the women who can pass across that way I've explained before.

That's not mean that women defeat their destiny. They're still thinking just like they were born because that is one of unique form not a limitation. Being a good woman is not really think like a man but who can pose her self as woman within deep understanding about man's thinking.