I Lost Them

This is just another unimportant post. But I'd share to you in order to share What Should we do if we lost something.

The Doll He Gave Me

I've been posted about the core of human's happiness in this world and those were 3 things:
  • Accepting
  • Understanding
  • Letting Go

With this 3 things, our life will be always in peace till we die. Accepting, let other input and advise enter our mind. Accept the globalization. Accept innovation. Accept change in our environment. Or accept our life will not be the same like our past. There's no somebody there wait for us or love us again (I mean our boy/girl). Understanding, we could consider what happen to us last night? How we could do that? We know what step we will take to solve our problem. We could accept our lovely person gone from our life. We know What was made our relation broken. We know what our mistake is. And just understand, those are God's plan to make us better than before, more mature than before. Letting Go, we are ready to leave our solved problem and promise don't want to make the same mistake in other times. And this the hardest part to do. Not all of us could let something moreover someone gone from our life. We need a lot of time to let our lovely person or thing to gone away from us. We need to recover that thing called 'LOSING'.

And the last part has came to me now. I lost my flip flop, and I just couldn't be easy to let it go. But I try, I know God will give me more than just my flip flop. Even, till now I couldn't let it go from my life. Maybe you think it's simple, but really It's NOT!

And I just lost my boy too. He was so perfect for me. He could understand me well and teach me how to life well. I love him so much. But God take him (not in literal word). He leaves me, actually we decided to break up because (again) we're different in religion. I just try to let him go. Really, I still Love Him.

Me and My Boy


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