We Are B (B급인생) - OST. Dream High 2

[ar: 진운(2AM) & Jr. & 김지수 & 강소라]
[ti: B급인생]
[al: OST Dream High 2]
[offset: 500]
[length: 02:30]
[id: qnspbusl]

[00:03.56]Hana, deul, hana deul seht ne

[00:06.03]I am a boy, Just a boy
[00:08.58]Sumanheun boy jungegeujeohan boy
[00:11.51]Mwonga teukbyeolhange eopgo, mu-eotdo
[00:14.69]Naese ulge obneun geureon saram

[00:17.23]I am a girl, Just a girl
[00:20.52]Jinaganeun geol bwado moreuneun geol
[00:23.31]Jeonhyeo yeppeunjido ango, nun natgo
[00:26.62]Byeongbeomhagi geuji obneun saram

[00:29.28]Urineun B B B-geub insaeng
[00:32.41]A geub-i dwigoshipeun
[00:34.90]Urineun bi bi bicheongsangdeul
[00:38.32]Cheongsang-e seogoshipeun

[00:40.76]Urineun B B B-geub insaeng
[00:44.23]A geub-i dwigoshipeun
[00:46.96]Urineun bi bi bicheongsangdeul
[00:50.39]Cheongsang-e seogoshipeun

[00:53.19]Byeolbol-il obneun boril
[00:56.00]Seulde obneun seulttaeman gajyeojyo
[00:58.86]Bojil obneun ttambang ulman
[01:01.58]Jurukjuruk heulrigo ijyo

[01:05.14]Dapdaphan naemamboda deo
[01:07.63]Dapdaphaehaneun nae juwi ye
[01:10.56]Saramdeul-ui pyojeongboda
[01:13.29]Nakkaji jicheo gajyo oh.

[01:16.33]Urineun B B B-geub insaeng
[01:19.82]A geub-i dwigoshipeun
[01:22.24]Urineun bi bi bicheongsangdeul
[01:25.71]Cheongsang-e seogoshipeun

[01:28.26]Urineun B B B-geub insaeng
[01:31.61]A geub-i dwigoshipeun
[01:34.23]Urineun bi bi bicheongsangdeul
[01:37.60]Cheongsang-e seogoshipeun

[01:39.77]Eonjega nae ane inneun
[01:44.55]Nae teuk byeolhameul chajanae
[01:47.15]Boyeojul nal-i isseulgayo
[01:51.62]Maeume eolmanamji anneun
[01:56.13]Nae kkumeul da ilgijeone
[01:59.16]Na-ege bichi
[02:00.91]Bichulsu isseulgayo

[02:03.76]Urineun B B B-geub insaeng
[02:07.31]A geub-i dwigoshipeun
[02:09.73]Urineun bi bi bicheongsangdeul
[02:13.27]Cheongsang-e seogoshipeun.

[02:15.65]Urineun B B B-geub insaeng
[02:19.21]A geub-i dwigoshipeun
[02:21.55]Urineun bi bi bicheongsangdeul
[02:25.06]Cheongsang-e seogoshipeun
[02:27.70]Urineun B


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