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Professional Accountants nowadays bears as a flashy title. If we want to pay attention more jobs posted in newspapers, especially every Saturday, then we will find the keyword S1 Accounting in various corners of the page. Accountants, like a profession that is often required by companies, mainly as administrative staff. Growing need for graduate majoring in Accounting, it is also compared with the amount of interest in the field of graduate study accounting in college, which means that the competition to get a degree as well as professional Accountants Accountants in future will be intense especially on such a global age, we know that the scholars of indigenous prosecuted competitive and able to compete with the scholars graduated from universities abroad.

Accounting, generally learn things that are closely related to the occurrence of an enterprise economy. Unfortunately, most of the students who took Accounting Department has been etched in his mind to be an Accountant word meaning into labor. Accounting contains general ledger, adjusting entries, general ledger, trial balance, profit / loss, changes in capital and other trappings of financial statements to benchmark and communicate the basis for preparing the transactions that occur in a company. Based on the examples in the book about, indirectly fed student style thinking an 'employee' is not the owner.

Accountants do not always have to be an accountant. Creative accounting students should be able to apply knowledge from the field of knowledge got called the university into their real lives. Not only in the form of a 'subordinate' but a 'boss'. Imagine, having controlled their own business in order to be easier and not when we already have a bottom? Remember the Accounting Department also taught business management make us understand the ins and outs of setting and business planning and decision making? That should open our eyes to be reliable as well as innovative accountant.

Today, every aspect of life is also inseparable from the name of technological development. Then what is the relationship of these technological developments with accounting? Using accounting software for example? Yeah, Right! One of the benefits of technological development is the ease of transaction records computerized. However, we as economic actors, accountants, need to broaden not only as a user of the software but it should also be inventors an accounting software that is easier to use later.

The three things I mentioned above are related to each other. First, the mindset of an accountant needs to be increased again to an accountant mindset owners. Second, an accountant needs an update on the development of technology. Third, an accountant who had business at least can create homemade software. Being an accountant does not mean forever be an accountant instead? Accountants can also be an accountant informatics. The merger of economics and science of informatics. Thus, expected future accountant is not only a 'subordinate' but a 'pioneer' modern IT-based accounting.


  1. My friend got her degree in accounting before me and wound up in a dead end job as a bookkeeper. When I earned my degree, I wound up working for awhile as a financial adviser for less money but it opened up a world of opportunities and now I have a position as a forensic accountant, which is anything but boring.


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