Let's Talk About Freedom

It's funny when years by years passed away, so 7 years ago still like yesterday. And it's fun to know that your friends have grown up and transform into mature person you barely knew. Well, this conversation just pop out of our daily informal conversation in our private group messenger. We were talking about freedom. Something adored yet vulnerable.

The story begin when we discuss when can we meet for each other again and gather together in a cottage or else. Most of friends are freed by their parents to sleep over or not going home, but same rules don't apply to me. I thought that my parents are over protective on me but I don't think the same recently. Why? Because I believe that everything will be nice at the right time. So, suddenly one of my friend asked me a question. "Are you sure?", am I sure? Yeah, I do approximately 95% or less.

Then she went out with this statement, "Don't you ever want to feel a freedom?". Yeah, funny. Freedom. A word that we all human want it so bad. A word that can be used against our bad behavior. A word that have ambiguity. Freedom can be represented into a complex paradigm based on what perspective we have.

It's funny talking about freedom while we're not born to be free. Did we born to be free? Freed from your parents hope, thought, and dreams? Freed from informal rule that applied on your family, environment? Freed from what you're born to be? Are we really free? That's the big question.

You may say that you can choose what you want to choose. But everything has a trade off, you need to sacrifice your other utility to get one and vice versa. You may say that freedom is all of your time are free, no exception, no limitations, no prohibition. You may say that freedom is you can work freely not under pressure. You may say that freedom is be yourself. You may say that freedom is you can choose what your beliefs are up to. But for me, freedom is when you can freed your mind, you can speak what you want to speak and live your life for yourself.

And that we already know, freedom is too expensive to be ours.