How to Tailored Your CV In LinkedIn
It is essential for millennial to start build up an amazing CV to get a job. However, some people don't need to do that because they want to create their own company or even starting up a small business. Nothing matters but the fact that most people still need to get a job, CV class or clinic does exist to help built a strong CV which left impression for employer.

So, what is the criteria of good CV? During my first week as postgraduate student in UK, there was this CV clinic. There they told me to write lots of work experience, educational background, and skills. Those three are the most relevant and important in building a CV. 'What if I didn't have any special work experience or amazing educational background?' Dear, you can exploit your skill on that matter.

A good CV for British company only consisted of one page full of your work experience, education, and skills. They don't need your pictures or photograph and they don't want you to provide the reference unless they ask you. Worry not, several companies even use the Easy Apply feature on LinkedIn to hire employee. So, why don't we start to built up CV on LinkedIn page?

I've read somewhere (that I forgot the link) to boost your profile into job search is easy. First step, mind the headline of your profile. You know, the title below your Display Name. The article that I read stated that you must write something extraordinary on that part such as: Attention Seeker (bad example) or Behavioral Economist (if you are one). For me, I wrote 'Master Student of Behavioral Finance at My University'. Thus, your profile would stand out.

The next point that is not less important is the description box. You don't need to elongate your rubbish talk over there but you have to provide concise, detailed, and important information about you. The description should at least describe your educational background, your interest, and your former work experience. As I wrote:
'Was an accounting student on State University of Malang. Have experience in the field of accounting, finance, and customer relation through part-time job and have been trusted to manage accounting process in Mie Buto Ijo (2012) and King Travel (2014). Capable of writing good articles and engaging information as a journalist in (2016-2017). Have experience as internship student in both biggest financial institution in Indonesia, Otoritas Jasa Keuangan and Bank Indonesia (2015).

Agista is a person who is adaptable, has high interest in finance, economics, and information technology, curious, and fast learner. She also writes blog since 2009 until now, through blogging Agista has achieved 2nd place in national scale for blogging competition in 2012. And now she's trying to be a content creator for Youtube.
Make sure that you use third person possessive pronoun every time you describe yourself, both in LinkedIn or the cover letter of your application. I don't what is the exact reason behind this but I guess it made us less selfish and arrogant. Then, don't forget to ask your friend to endorse your skills. That's why LinkedIn encourages you to grow your network, so that your connection can endorse the skills and the company would take your application into account.

It is important as well to build up the description of your educational background and work experience. You have to state whichever course you've taken before on your degree, you also have to explains what was the most interesting course you've taken, what did you do during your Bachelor/Master degree, what was your biggest achievement. Achievement is relative, you can write anything that you consider as your biggest achievement. If it wasn't winning a competition, stepping out from your comfort zone is also a big achievement and not everyone are happy yet proud to say it.

To make your CV looks better, you also have to provide your portfolio. Maybe, it matters the most for you who studied design, architecture, and photography but that doesn't mean who studied Economics or Literature can't do it. Your coursework, your bachelor thesis, your articles that was published on mass media are the portfolio. It will help you boost your performance and prove that you are capable to produce something. What if you don't have one? You must have one actually, it's just you forget it somewhere deep in your brain. If you really don't have one then start make one.

Another positive requirement that company may seek is volunteering experience, especially British company. They appreciate people who works as a volunteer before, thus you have to add up as much volunteering experience as you can. To put it simply, if you have done something then just write it on your LinkedIn page. That's why I found this funny tweet on twitter, "If you felt underestimated just by looking on Instagram then you've never used LinkedIn." Essentially, LinkedIn provide you pages of amazing person who has achieved unusual and big achievement. So, to be more competitive in this digital era you have to upgrade yourself and develop your LinkedIn page. It's not a Facebook darling, it's a place where you can find great person with good attitude. So, good luck!