When Life Gives You Lemon, Make a Lemonade Out of It!

It's been few weeks since I wrote the last article for this blog. And this time I would like to spill some random thoughts, a summary of events that happened in my life nowadays. Well, this post will contains a lot of complaints and reflection, or somehow written anger just to relieve my stress. So if you don't feel like it, you can skip it.

I feel so great and happy tonight because finally I ease my mind and moved on with everything that stressed me out these days. One of those was the stress of working. I quit my job, finally. And that was the most relieving things I ever did. I never quit my job unless I had something eager to do. Last year I quit my job because I have to study in London not because I didn't love the job. Last year's job was my dream job, writing! On the top of them all, the working environment was really nice that I actually got upset to leave my former job.

I left my volunteering job because I had to focus on resit exams and my dissertation. I left internship because the period was ended. I never left any job because of personal feelings or I don't feel like it. And this one my friend, I resigned and I feel so happy and free about it!

It wasn't a difficult job actually but the stress was so high. I actually don't mind got scolded a lot if I made mistakes but everyone makes mistakes right? And there is a good way to scold the employee. Just like what my former leader taught me. Mas Eka, as the former leader of my previous job and Mbak Mae will tell me what I did wrong and gave me suggestions in a good way. They never try to drag me down or say anything that will hurt me. Speaking of salary and its punctuality, it was really good tho. The salary may not enough but it's worthy for my responsibility and working hours.

However, you cannot expect your bosses to become like your former bosses (scold you in a good manner). People are different and this time I got what you called a horrible boss. And this time my friend, for the first time in my life I faced such a hard time and I proud to get over it after 6 months!

There are lots of reason for me to quit my job beside the boss treatment, well that actually counts as the last reason for me to quit. 1) The salary wasn't punctual, I need to pay the rent so I cannot work in a place that makes me unable to pay rent punctually; 2) My friends are leaving, good co-workers are the key of somebody's resistance in tough working environment and since my working environment weren't that good, my co-workers became my unconditional support system; 3) I can't stand the treatment.

My first and last day working were the toughest day in my life. First, I have to work hard like a dog and second, I made lots of mistakes that unfortunately I didn't do that deliberately. But well, making mistakes and admit it is such a good achievement for me. Before all of these, I barely sincere to admit  that I made mistakes. I'm proud of myself that now I can accept the fact I made lots of mistakes. However that won't make me easy to accept bad treatment and words right?

To be honest the amount of stress of mine lately reached the maximum level. Not only because of my job but because of other problems. I have to manage my time properly, preparing to move out, problems with my flatmate, financial management, the dissertation, and loads of things. I'm the kind of person that will get pissed off easily but able to plan what to do next. So my problems will be resolved gradually.

I have to say that I can't stand my boss anymore. I admit that I made mistakes and I responsible for it. I finished everything before I resigned. I said that I will be responsible, I even did volunteer work. Willingly not to be paid because of my mistakes. I do work properly and everyone who knows me well will know how I perform when working. I just cannot stand it when my boss ask two or three tasks at the same time meanwhile I only have one body, two hands, and two legs. It's not like I'm able to split myself or clone myself at the same time. I mean I don't mind working in fast pace since I consider myself as "fast" but it's just not enough. Just think about what my boss did rage me.

Bad things were over. I tried to leave toxic environment behind and live happily because I'm too valuable to hurt myself. There are people that will appreciate more like my volunteering co-workers. I made mistakes too but they gave me feedback in a way that I can sincerely accept it. And once again, I have to realise that I can't expect everyone to be like that. But I can choose where I should belong and keep positivity spread around me. Maybe it's just hard for Asians to be appreciative. I found it hard too back then. After all these things, I'm glad that now I'm able to appreciate. And I know that giving compliment matters. Because there's no one in this world wants to be unappreciated.  

And I learned that being sincere makes your live easier. Once again, you cannot expect somebody will act the way what you want. You cannot force them to be like you or admit their mistakes or feel apologetic. Being sincere means you will let those bad things go and it is relieving. So what's the point of not being happy? You are a free person and you can make a choice. So, why not turning your sour life into a lemonade?