Living a Stable Life

Recently I read a post from Medium to grow micro habits that contributes to productivity. Medium is such a good source for self upgrade, psychological treatment, and productivity boost. There are lots of articles we can find there to make ourself better each day

Few articles that caught my eyes and relatable for someone in my age are: Dopamine Detox, Stoicism, and recently micro habits. The micro habits which I need to do to make my day feel better and of course help me finding rhythm to my life are such:

  1. Don’t postpone things: get it done! Get your cooking done. make up your bed, take shower, do the work out. Do small things you need to do at an instant. It will be difficult to start but get them done before doing anything else on your schedule.
  2. Away from social media. I can see that social media is quite distractive, for me personally Twitter has the highest impact. This also has been explained in Dopamine Detox too, that once in a while we need to get away from our phone. We need at least one day to be offline. I can be away from my phone for a month and I’m still alright. I think I really need to set at least once or twice a week to be totally away from my phone.
  3. Delay Reactions, at this point we have rights to not say “Yes” at a request given. We can give respond to it later. It will help us finding right schedule rather than trapped in agony due to our super-packed and overwhelming schedule. It will also give you more space to do another thing to relax your mind.
  4. Write down ideas: I have been doing this for years and keep going. Ideas are like smoke, it won’t last long. So in order to not forgetting what have we thought under the shower, it’s better to keep ideas in your notes. Be it just one sentence or so. Ideas are still ideas, aren’t they?
  5. Try your best to focus on things. Recently I saw a friend using an app to keep her mind focused, not getting distracted by social media or whatsoever. By focusing on things, you can finish them quicker than you expected. And if you feel burn out, it’s okay to take a break. It’s okay to take a break for a while.

Lately, I have been living a messy life. By writing this, I really hope that I slowly start doing good routine and left bad habits. To think about it again, after reading the post from Medium regarding micro habits, I realised that I lost my rhythm of life. This explains why I lived so unstable for this past year, because I haven’t found my routine yet. Once I hold a grip to a routine for example working out or diet, work messes everything up. I need to get back on my gear and sort things out carefully. Hopefully, by the next time I read this post, I have done what should be done. Hence, implementing what I have written very well. So do you.