About Jae of DAY6

Probably it's just a birthday letter for Park Jaehyung aka Jae of DAY6 aka eaJ Park.

So, happy birthday Jae! Now you turn into 29 years old. And my first and foremost prayer for you is to be happy. Happy with whatever you're doing now or later.

This post is going to be a bit more personal because I can't see you as a celebrity anymore. Instead, I have seen you as a human being. You may have tasted fame and being worshipped by a lot of people around the world. But you have shown me your vulnerable and childish side as well. Though I also don't know you that much. You barely seen anywhere since you took a hiatus because of your mental health problem. And you also close your Twitch for a while. You who used to interact a lot with fans is now drawing boundaries. You couldn't care less about people will still like you or not like you anymore. You just go on your own way.

Probably you realised this after years going on as a Kpop star. Life lesson is hard, eh Jae?

And now you decided to separate your self slowly from the K-Pop realm. I won't complain and besides I don't have the rights to complain either. But as your fan, I have to admit that I'm rather disappointed. Not because you're doing your way as you wish. I just feel you make a lot of distance lately. I don't know if it comes from your company or yourself. Or probably due to the amount of hate you received before this. I just feel, I love you but I hate you at the same time.

Wondering why you chose to walk the K-Pop way if in the end you despised it so much. You should've been so aware about the consequences of your actions. You should've known the risk better than anyone else. Or you were jus naive and thirst of fame that time? Thinking that this K-Pop realm would be your stepping stone to be someone big? Well, good luck.

I am also disappointed not because you're being a human. I can understand that part, moreover the resistant attitude you gave in the K-Pop realm. I understand that a lot since not just you, probably me too was born different. But I don't want this and I don't want fame. That's the different between you and me.

I started to get disappointed in you because you didn't learn from your mistakes. You didn't listen to those who truly cares about you. You just did it your own way with your stubbornness. Well, again I understand that part too. And I feel the amount of hypocrisy and double standard I put here is too massive. Because I did that too. However, I didn't choose to be well-known since the beginning so I guess I'll be okay. But you chose the hard way since the beginning. It's just you started to seem like a someone who forgot the root of your beginning.

It's so nice to know you Jae. You have given me a lot of happiness without you realise. You made great songs. You were a nice kid and kind-hearted man. I wish you luck. I wish you always happy and healthy. Maybe, since this year or whenever I won't admire you again. And this made me realise, that's how much love I have for you that it turned out hurting me so much too.

Don't worry, it's not your fault. It's my fault to begin with. I should've just stick to your works not your personal life. So, once again. Happy birthday Jaehyung. I love you.

With regards,