2021 Getting My First Tattoo

So before my parents raged and disappointed and etc you name it, I decided to ink my body. And I did it in full consciousness. Because why not? It's my body, right?

I grew up as a Moslem. Since I was a kid, having inked in your body was never really an options. They said tattoo will prevent the wudhu perfect. Or tattoo was seen as a form in changing body shape. Or tattoo was perceived as a form in hurting oneself. Believe me, I have read some things about this and I came to a conclusion: wallahualam bis showab which means "Only Allah knows best". Having tattoo doesn't mean I'm hurting myself, it's a form to appreciate my self and I am happy about it. And I have research about tattoo placement which is on dermis, the upper surface of the skin and Insha Allah doesn't prevent wudhu. And well, some scholar even argued that having tattoo and sholat are two different things. So, again wallahu alam bis showab.

Getting your body inked requires deep and thoughtful process. Though, for my case I decided it really quick and fully conscious for the consequences. Why did I say so? Because having a tattoo means you are committed to the ink. You committed to paint your skin. You are committed to whatever you want to put in your body. And you have to fully understand what are the after effect and things that are following after. So, before you move on with this post or decided to ink your body, please consider this part seriously.

Before getting tattooed, I was full of consideration. First, that I have put my interest in tattoos since a long time ago but still doubtful due to religion. Second, I was afraid that it's going to hurt a lot like I expect I couldn't handle it at all. Third, the working environment and the parents that might be challenging to face and the culture I live in. Fourth, the health consequences. What if the tattoos get me allergic?

However, there are a lot of triggers that finally had me to ink my body. One of them is Jae. Of course Jae. Jae is the one who inspire me to finally get one. Seeing him take a leap of faith by getting real tattoos. Not one but a lot and bold made me think. Should I get one too? Especially when he said tattoos are his form of freedom. The sign of new him. His tattoo might not hold that deep meaning but it marks his new path. And I was kind of inspired by that. I am content and I love myself, why shouldn't I get one just like Jae?

Then I saw Taeyeon, Baek Yerin, Whee In's tattoos. Those girls had a lot of tattoos spread in their body and it was still good and aesthetic. Why don't I get one?

The last trigger that made me crazily decided to get the real one was my friend. I saw him having this fresh tattoos which looks good on him. And I asked few questions. He convinced me to get one. So I did.

The second I said I wanted to get my body inked and made an appointment with the tattoo artist, I was doubtful again. Was that right? What will happen next? What God will take my prayer for? etc. I couldn't sleep and I kept doing my research. I watched a lot of videos in Youtube about one getting their first tattoo. Some are scary, some said it was okay. But I can break it down for you here:


  1. Do Your Research. I always emphasise this thing for everything. Before you make a decision please educate yourself, get to know things well. For this tattoo case, you have to do research for: tattoo artist and its style (and reputation). The side effect of getting tattoo. What kind of placement you want your tattoo to be. Some tattoo artists recommends you for not being a stopper which means you chose awkward position for your tattoo placement. You also need to do research about the aftercare and the hygiene of the tattoo artists as well. So please do a comprehensive research beforehand.
  2. Eat. Yes, you have to eat beforehand. You don't want to be cranky while hungry when somebody hurt you. So please let your tummy full before going. And make sure you're healthy and not in unwell conditions. This will make your experience much more easier for anyone involved.
  3. Ask for recommendations. This part is actually part of the research. Besides doing research from articles and videos. Listening to other's opinions will do you no harm. They will let you know the pros and cons, they will also give you recommendations for a good tattoo artist and etc.
  4. Communicate. I strongly suggest you to engage with your tattoo artist. Your design will end up permanent in your body and you don't want it to look bad right? So try to figure out with your tattoo artists about the design, placement, and comfort while having your body inked.
  5. Aftercare. This part is also important because you don't want tattoo ruined your body or even threatened your life right? So, you have to take care of the tattoo until it gets healed. Listen to your tattoo artist, they will give you advice on how to treat your fresh tattoo.


  1. Don't scratch, pull, or wash your tattoo directly. It is not advised to scratch tattoos or wash it with soap directly. Please make sure to keep it moisturised to speed the healing process.
  2. Don't get tattoo just to impress people. Well, it depends on someone's intention at the first hand. But having tattoo is a commitment. Make sure you do it because you want to. Not because you want to show off. Tattoo is personal. Just convince yourself that you are not going to regret it later on.

During my research I also inspired by few people who decided to get their body inked. One of them is PROWDMON Monika. She had huge tattoo in her body and she could tell what's the story behind her tattoo. It was all about reminiscence of her Dad. And Monika also said that having tattoos doesn't make one a bad person. Tattooed person are still perceived as criminal, bad person, and all negative badges on them. Monika has the intention to show that she's not as people perceived her to be. And I somehow agreed on that thought. At some point, I want to show the world that I'm getting tattooed doesn't mean that I took the U-Turn straight to hell and made me forget to pray or being a good person in life. It's just a form of appreciation. A form of happiness and satisfaction.

My first tattoos didn't have any special meaning. I just chose what I think was good. It was Lavender and Space Stuff like The Sun, The Moon, The Saturn, and The Star. However, after getting the tattoo in my body, I started to look for what Lavender means. It holds lots of meaning, few of them are match to my intention and my life's line. Devotion, healing, and unique attraction. So, when people begin to ask me what's it all about I think I can explain it later?

I had my tattoos in a small studio. It was a nice experience. It hurts but not intimidatingly hurt. It was more like a sting and electrocuted with a low voltage electricity. Or like getting a scratch. I don't know if my explanation is make sense to you. But well, having tattoo wasn't that bad at all. This studio is clean and hygienic. The tattoo artist is friendly and supportive. So I really want to recommend her for you. She also helped you out with the design and keep you relax. What I appreciate from her work is her attention to detail. So it was a nice and comfortable first tattooing experience for me. I cannot guarantee myself for not getting another tattoo in the future at this point lol.

Anyway, the tattoo artist I was visiting to get my first tattoo is Kata Tattoo in Jakarta. The place is in Tangerang, BSD. And you have to make appointment before getting tattooed. I can recommend Kata Tattoo as a good place for getting minimalist style tattoo in Jakarta.

All I can say if you really decide to get your body inked, just do enough research. It will help you heal faster as well. And you have to take care of it few days until it gets healed. And please remember that tattoo is permanent. Just like Jae said, you might regret it later in 20 years so choose your path wisely. And hopefully you can find happiness or peace when you decide to do so.