Review Film: Spiderman No Way Home [2021]

Who's excited for Spider-Man? EVERYONE! INCLUDING ME!

Since the first trailer was out, I couldn't contain my excitement for Spider-Man: No Way Home. Spider-Man is literally my favourite superhero of all time. Probably because it's the most relatable? Or probably because the character is just fun and lovable? I have never missed out any Spider-Man movies. Though I was quite disappointed in The Amazing Spider-Man back then. Because the Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man was just too hipster to my liking. Well, can't blame Sam Raimi for casting Tobey Maguire as the total nerd and loser Spider-Man to shape my perceptions towards Spider-Man though.

This year, Tom Holland back as the Peter Parker's Sony Spider-Man. This puppy kid reprise the role with several other casts: Zendaya, Marisa Tomey, John Favreau, and Jacob Batalon. Spider-Man No Way Home also gave opportunities for other's cast in reprising their roles. The appearance of Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and even DA-DAN! THE PREVIOS SPIDER-MEN!!!! Yes, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield reprise their role as Spider-Man too in this movie. Don't get too excited because I knew you have known this too.

Compared to the other Marvel geek, I actually came late to the party. Everyone has booked the premiere tickets while I spent times in Bali, unable to even go to the movie. I couldn't even join my friend whose his favourite superhero is also Spider-Man to watch this movie together. Sigh. Deep Sigh. But anyway, now that I've watched it I want to share some thoughts on it.

Spider-man No Way Home won't happen if Peter is mature. Well, in fact our Tom Holland's Peter Parker is literally a teen so what happened in this movie does make sense. Perhaps there will be a meme in the future asking "What movie would end in 5 minutes if the main character didn't make a dumb decision?". All the things that are happening for the entire movie was the after effect of revealed identity of the Spider-man, our friendly neighbourhood superhero. At the beginning of the movie and the ending of the Spider-Man Far From Home, Mysterio aka Quentin Beck revealed that Peter Parker is Spider-Man then it created a chaos.

Not everyone supports Spider-Man, especially when he is accused of murdering this Mysterio guy. This became the turning point of our Iron Man spoiled puppy kid Peter Parker to grow the F up. He didn't get it easy. Though Stark has given him a way to be a honored MIT student, since Peter Parker's identity is revealed there is no MIT anymore. And this affect his sidekicks too which Peter eventually think that wasn't fair. So he asked Doctor Strange for help.

But well, our Peter Parker is a kid. His immature attitude then created more chaotic universe. Accidentally he and Doctor Strange let loose some people that knew Peter Parker is Spider-Man. That includes the sinister six: Green Goblin, Dr. Ock, Sandman, Electro, The Lizard, and actually Venom. First, Peter Parker encountered Dr. Ock while he was chasing the admission officer to get his friends get to MIT. Second, he saw Green Goblin. And that was when Doctor Strange came into the rescue by imprisoning Lizard and Dr. Ock in Wizard's Dungeon.

The next task for our Spider-Man is simple: capture all the loose Spider-Man's villain from the former movies and send them back to their timeline. Again, Peter Parker is immature. He naively think that he can change the world to be better, he wanted to give the villains second chance. At some point this is a good take away for kids. That everyone deserves second chance. But Peter Parker's naïveté is somehow sounds like over-optimistic and almost not too realistic plan to be executed. Doctor Strange who is more into realistic and ignorant side see that Peter Parker's plan is not going to work that well. And he turned out right.

Thanks to Peter Parker's sense of altruism and morality, New York is in chaos. His attempt to "fix" the villains and give them second chance turned out to be a harsh truth that made him grow up. He finally realised that he can't save everybody and he lost someone so dear to him. He also realise that if he talk things to his friends sooner or think about things thoroughly and not in rush, there will be no chaos. And thanks to his stubbornness and clumsiness tho we can greet our two previous Spider-Man in this universe.

Yeay! We finally see Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man and Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man join forces to save the world from the villains!

Despite the shallow premise of this movie, I actually enjoy the whole plot. Not that the plot is perfect, it is just full of amend. I mean, if I were in that age I might do the same. Not thinking the after effect of rushing decision or something? Therefore, I couldn't really say that the whole plot of the movie is boring and bad. On the other hand, I like it because it shapes our spoiled puppy kid into a grown up. Tom Holland's Spider-Man is always perceived as the weaklings since he got it easy from Iron Man's contribution. But in this arc, Tom Holland's Spider-Man underwent harsh situation that made him resemble the previous Spider-Man. It's a battle of his past self to his future self.

The appearance of Tobey, Andrew, Jamie Fox, Willem Defoe, and other villains also not just the seasoning of the movie. It has meaning. I mean, there are reconciliation, redemption, and other character's side that is being explored in this movie. From the Green Goblin's struggle to fight his dark side, Dr. Ock's sense of altruism that made him the good guy, and to the redemption of Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man of Gwen Stacy's death. To conclude, this movie is all about accepting flaws, move on, and forgiveness. I think the actual hero of this movie is Dr. Ock. Though I have to admit that Jamie Fox's Electro and Willem Defoe's Green Goblin appearance are all outstanding.

I won't say anything about the CG or the actions. Because I am sure you all already know the quality Marvel tried to uphold. So I talked about the impact this movie gives for a Spider-Man fans like me. Besides its worth-to-appreciate plot, I also love the interaction between the characters. The script is so well-written and the character chemistry are all good that it drew nostalgic feeling. It creates an ultimate satisfaction within myself when I see Andrew and Tobey. And since this movie, I saw Andrew's Spider-Man no longer the same like I did back then. I also appreciate on how the scriptwriter no longer show black and white area. That the world is actually a grey area. They explore different perspective in this movie that I didn't even realise from the former movies. I like the character and story development. I like the overall random yet brilliant idea to make all the Spider-Man universe finally entangled in one movie.

You may not agree with what I have said. But this movie is yet gave me the ultimate happiness and satisfaction as someone who loves Spider-Man.

Oh and I also loved how the subtly introduce Daredevil Matt Murdock and Venom Eddie Brock in this movie. Well done!