Thanks To

Some people say, the older you get the more emotional you are. I would say that's true. I haven't even been in my 30s yet but I do think I have changed at one point or another.

To point that out, I've been feeling so grateful and putting more weight to the smallest thing. A small actions or a tiny detail usually moves me. I even fall for someone just because of the basic reason not a grand reason. And I am often thankful for the undeliberate actions. The actions happened to make me happy all day. This is how I appreciate a trivial things.

I remember one of Even of Day's song: Thanks To. The song mainly talked about the gratitude of being poured by so much love, so Wonpil. Wonpil is a sunshine, he's full of love and affection and this song is the embodiment of him. Since I am currently being happy and thankful, I wrote this post while listening to DAY6's Thanks To. Because I want to thank everyone, everything in this universe that have allowed me to be happy and content.

The main reason for me to write this post is to express gratitude and thanks. I have been happy these past two days just because someone had made my day. I also realize that giving out compliments to a person we care about is making us happy. So basically, I actually happy because I made someone happy. I just realized on how important it is to made a person feel significant when other people don't say so. And I guess that's what I want to experience too in my own life. When I feel alone and fight against the world, I only need one person to compliment me or to support me.

To think about it again, I am not the type of person who used to giving out compliments easily. I saw compliments as something who needs to be earned. So the person that deserve my compliments need to do something super extraordinary. This might came from how I was being raised. I was rarely given compliments nor taught in appreciating what other people has done to us. That explains on how I react when I received compliments, I was awkward. I didn't say thank you but attempted to argue saying that I am not deserving one's compliments.

I read this yesterday, James Clear who wrote Atomic Habit suggested for us to say "Thank you" in every possible situation, be it when someone compliments you or criticized you. Just say thanks anyway. It's so simple yet so powerful.

Somehow, the more I contemplate, I am grateful that I drive this way. I do think I am getting better everyday. I tried to learn a lot from things that happened in my everyday life. People say we learn everyday and I do agree with that now. My life feels so much lighter and easier nowadays. I do feel grateful everyday, for whatever happens. For the ups and downs, including the smallest thing one ever did to me.

Seeing someone that I care being happy, seeing that I could do someone to feel better, seeing someone who I like gave me attention. Those are trivial but enough to make me happy all the day, no matter how hard the day is.

So, for whoever that had made me happy by just being yourself and do things that you feel so trivial or doesn't matter, thank you. Thank you so much for being around me. Thank you for being born in this world. Thank you for coming to my life. Thank you for being exist. I hope you will have more good days too. I hope you'll even be happier than me.