Welcoming My Month

It's August already! Usually when August ends, the end of the year is coming faster. So it will feel like a year has passed without us even realising it at all. 

This year may be a year full of blessing for me. There are tons of happiness and blessing going around me, there are hardships, sadness, and frustration as well. The closest thing around the corner of this month is the fact that I won two consecutive competition held by Jenius Connect. The first one was the blogging competition, I wrote the post here. Being the winner enables me to get an IDR 1 Mio prize and merchandise. Then I also won their twitter competition that enables me to go to Singapore in such an amazing itinerary in early September.


Not just having the blessed by winning the competition, I will also have a solo trip this year. Another solo trip after the pandemic hit. I will go to Korea and marked once again my bucket list. Yep, after being able to explore some parts of the Europe I wanted to explore the Eastern part of Asia. So as you can already guess, I want to explore Japan too! I just don't know yet when or with whom but I had Japan on my list already.

Another thing that I should share here is by this month I think I also got promoted. Congratulations! Finally after the 3 exact years, I got promoted. It was initially postponed because the HR said there are long queue of candidate to be promoted first which actually insignificant since it has nothing to do with where I am working. But well, despite so late compared to my other peers, I would like to be grateful and it is well-deserved. Though I also have to thank Pak Nur to make it come true. If I still stayed on my old unit, I might not be able to be promoted this month. So, this might be another birthday gift that universe has sent me this year.

Starting August in such a nice and positive energy made me somehow feel energised. In addition, I also had submitted few things and figured out things that align with what I am passionate about. Hoping that by this year, my plan and my effort to build reputation as a scientist/researcher/behavioural enthusiast will be paid off. And hopefully, since I had figured out from my failure attempt in applying PhD, I will have more ammunition to tackle the upcoming PhD process. At this moment, all I can remember was what Ging have said to Gon:

"You should enjoy the little detours to the fullest. Because that's where you'll find the things more important than what you want."

aka enjoy the process. You will never know how the universe brought you but you'll ended up more enlightened and richer in experience along the process.

Speaking about the process, I also have more ideas such as applying in Chevening Scholarship since I think I'll need another MSc Behavioural Science degree which gave me knowledge seriously. I already had the program in mind, it's either UCL's MSc Finance, LSE MSc Behavioural Science, or Warwick MSc Behavioural Science. I had those three in mind. So hopefully, I will make it. Alongside with that plan, my main plan is to approach PhD Supervisor and considering what Balindo had helped me. Balindo gave me idea to explore the possibility and potential in my current working environment. What I initially thought cannot be changed due to the nature of compliance, might be a potential research subjects in Behavioural Science in Corporate Strategic. I just haven't yet explored it though.

I am also grateful because this year I have read a lot of book though I never once talked about the book here lol. Well this blog isn't about book review anyway. So yeah, I think I have stepped up my game this year so I would like to give myself a pat in the back and said "You did good this year."

To think about it again, this year I grew a lot. Yes I still need more work on communicate and socialise better but I dared to take more steps that helped me move forward. For example, I really did play drum for a band. I did think twice before acting rough. I tried to hold back myself from my impulse (in anything). The more I realise, the more I am proud of myself because I had gone better and better everyday. To the further and more blessings as well as being more shining, shimmering, splendid both in appearance and attitude.

The last thing that I hope would go well is that I finally found the right person in my life. I had this one person in mind right now. He's just too good for me that I don't feel I'll deserve him. I have a big hope that the attempt I am going to do is worth giving a shot. I have a big hope that we would go well together. I fill his weakness and he became my strength. As he already asked: from 1 to n, how empty are you? I am currently content and I love myself, but I'll like me better when I am with you. And hopefully, this person will also find his strength in me. Hopefully he sees me not as someone who is intimidating but completing the missing puzzle piece on his life. For now, all I can do is just hoping for the moment to happen. If that doesn't happen then the universe isn't on our side.