NK65 RFP Edition, Is It Really Worth to Buy?

Few days ago I told you that I have sold my Rexus Daxa M84 Pro keyboard and caused me a separation anxiety. A keyboard with a 75% layout which I don't think quite helpful for me. I want to try the lesser key keyboard, so I went with 65% layout. First stop was Anne Pro 2. But since it is not a hot swap keyboard, I canceled my intention to buy the Anne Pro. Instead, I'm going with NovelKeys. Yes, Jae's keyboard! I have been longing this keyboard for a long time since Jae flexed it on his Twitch stream. So, why don't I try to own one then?

Novel Keys then released RFP limited edition keyboard which I thought quite worth to buy for me. With $195 you can get fully assembled keyboard with specifications such as:

  1. Polycarbonate Case with UV topographical print
  2. Aluminium plate
  3. Novel Keys switch, you can choose either Midnight Jade or Silk Emerald. Mine is Silk Emerald because I'm a linear gang member.
  4. Two additional Esc and Spacebar Keycaps with topographical print and RFP logo
  5. Mounted stabs from NovelKeys
  6. PBT Cherry Keycaps
  7. Coiled USB C cable
  8. Keyboard case
Things that made me finally bought this keyboard was the case lol. I know this sounds so ridiculous and unprofessional, who's going to get professional with a keyboard anyway? But getting a keyboard case instead of keycaps puller and switch puller sounds attractive to me. Then how's my opinion towards NK65 RFP Edition after deciding to splurge on it? Do I regret it?

First thing first, when the package arrived to my home, I felt so excited. It's like finally things that I have been longing since I was trapped into this mechanical keyboard hobby is finally here. I have splurged a sum of big money and I can't wait to see if I'm satisfied with my decision to buy this premium keyboard instead of the local or the budget one.

I regret buying NK65 RFP because it doesn't offer me wireless options. Like really? How can I not know this? How can I skipped the fact that this keyboard is wired? That's one thing.

Other than that, compared to the keyboard I already owned before, this NK65 RFP wasn't really bad. The sound of the switch is so silent and crisp that I want to keep typing on it. And the RGB light wasn't that bad too, though I'm still having trouble installing VIA to adjust this keyboard. Worry not, without VIA I am still able to use this keyboard on my Macbook laptop. Guess this keyboard is just plug and play just like other keyboard.

And as far as I hear, the stabs were pretty good, it doesn't rattle that bad. The feeling of this premium keyboard also explain why it cost me a lot. Like, it's heavy. Damn heavy. Probably because the plate mount is aluminium and probably NK also has included the silicone damping foam inside this keyboard. I would say the coiled cable wasn't that much of you can expect because it seems cheap, a substitution for the other components Novel Keys has offered in this keyboard.

Talking about the visual, this keyboard is eye catchy. The novelties of the spacebar also acceptable and that what makes this keyboard unique. It feels like the RFP has modded this particular keyboard only for you. The polycarbonate body is also solid and the case is reasonable for $195 price. I just wish that I live in the US now so I don't have to pay up to $300 because of tax and duties just to own this keyboard.

And that's it, that's my verdict. For a $195 keyboard, it is not disappointing. But for someone who lives far away from the US, this keyboard is one hell of an impulsive buy. Anyway, watch the unboxing video below!


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